No on H & HH

Traffic is worse. Construction is never ending. The City Council has given away too much of our tax dollars to wealthy contractors. Now they want to increase taxes on homeowners and hand that money over to build more apartment buildings. The worst part is there are ZERO guarantees that the money will be spent how they say it will be.



More Taxes: The City of Santa Monica wants to increase the documentary transfer tax to an average of $10,000 per sale. The City wants to triple the tax from $3 to $9 per $1,000 of the sale price. The average price of residential real estate, including condos, in Santa Monica is over $1 million (click HERE for Santa Monica sales data) Measure H and HH will increase our taxes!

More Traffic: Santa Monica is already gridlocked! If Measure H and HH pass, the City will construct apartment buildings with hundreds of units like the Hines project. It will increase population density and make traffic worse. Santa Monica is too congested already. Instead of focusing on reducing traffic, the City is focusing on creating more density downtown, which will actually cause more traffic, more gridlock and more frustration. Measure H and HH will bring more traffic.

More Construction: Measure H and HH are really about construction.  The last thing Santa Monica needs is more apartment buildings with hundreds of units. The City Council approved the Hines project but in the end, Santa Monica residents forced the council to rethink allowing more buildings. Measure H and HH will bring more construction.

Less Accountability: The dirty secret of Measure H and HH is that all of the revenues collected are deposited in the City’s General Fund. The City does not have to spend a penny on affordable housing. Don’t take our word for it, read the official Santa Monica City Attorney’s impartial analysis of Measure H and HH:

“…the City Council will not be bound by the outcome of the vote on the advisory measure. The City Council could decide to use the transfer tax revenue for any lawful City purpose...”

Santa Monica City Attorney’s impartial analysis of Measure H and HH


With the real estate market slowly climbing out of the economic collapse, REALTORS® decided to join together to fight against the proposed increase in the Documentary Transfer Tax. We strongly oppose taxes on real estate that will impair the already fragile real estate market. It is simply the wrong time to impose new taxes – it is already very expensive to live in Santa Monica – let’s not make it any more difficult.

As election day nears, homeowners in Santa Monica no longer want to serve as the Council's ATM machine. Our coalition now includes homeowners, renters, business owners and a bunch of regular folks who just don't want more taxes, traffic an development!


Measure H and HH video

Below is a clip of Tica O’Neill and Bob Seldon debating some of the finer points of why Measures H and HH are a bad idea for Santa Monica! [READ MORE]